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Club z gay

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Smells like a hobo's beat-up shoe. Lots of lost, tweaker-ish men roaming the halls whenever it is busy. I guess haters got a hate I was very hesitant to go in there after reading all these other bad reviews.

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I saw very little of what they said, place was fairly clean pretty well-maintained the showers sauna and steam Club z gay were all clean and working. There were some creepy old men, but there were also some hot young guys too. I would definitely go there again and would have no problem recommending friends to go there.

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Less corporate "Club Z is less buttoned up and corporate than Steamworks. It's where you'll find a wider variety of men into getting a little more nasty and piggy than Steamworks.

NEVER never go there. I visited so many bathhouses.

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If I could give a negative star I would. At first I seemed alright. We went to the lockers and got into a towel, rinsed in the showers and hopped in the steam room and sauna to relax. Club z gay a very few people were okay and had a normal conversation with them. Went upstairs to Club z gay things out and everywhere we went everyone would follow us like they were expecting something.

One guy seemed like he was nice at first and telling us about people there have respect and so on. Saying that if you don't like that people are trying to join in and you say no then they will respect that, WRONG. That guy was scheming something from the beginning. We couldn't get a room because it was so packed, so we tried doing some stuff in the dark room.

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We were alone at one point which was nice. One guy was laying on a swing which we didn't mind him, till some people noticed us doing stuff that everyone was trying to join in and that was a total turn off and I had to tell them no and what not.

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